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Garage Flooring Does Not Have to be Boring Any More

Okay, I admit it, garage flooring probably isn't the most exciting topic in all the world. I can certainly think of lots of other things that would get the blood flowing a little easier. But in all fairness to those who make and sell garage flooring I have to say, I am impressed with the variety and options available. I just wanted to take a few minutes to share some of what I have found. I think this information may be quite helpful to garage owners looking to spruce up and protect their garage floors.

The first thing I would say about garage flooring is that it doesn't have to be boring. It doesn't have to be just plain old gray concrete. Fortunately, those days went bye-bye a long time ago. Gone are the days of nasty oil stains, cracked cement and bland flat surfaces driving you insane. Now you can relish in the joys of creative and original garage flooring options. You have probably heard of some of these, but here is a closer look.

Garage flooring tiles are one of my personal favorites. These are relatively inexpensive tiles that can be interlocked in various colors to create truly customized, fun, and unique patterns in the garage. Obviously, these go beyond just creating a certain look. And while that is a fun thing about flooring tiles, it is not the main benefit. Being able to protect the floor from spills and dropped hammers is the larger purpose. Should one of the tiles become damaged or ruined in some way it can easily be replaced. Like with most other materials that we encounter day to day, moisture is the big enemy to longevity. Protecting your concrete with tiles helps.

Another garage flooring option that many people find beneficial is epoxy coatings and paints. The big advantage here is that you just roll or brush the stuff on, let it cure, and use the floor as before, only with the knowledge that is is completely protected from water, chemical or other harms that may occur. The downside to this, however, is that the actual surface can still become damaged from dropped heavy items. Coatings really don't provide much cushion from a fall so the cement will still likely be chipped or damaged should something impact it. With the tiles, you at least get some protection.

Finally, garage flooring mats are another popular choice because they are also relatively inexpensive and highly portable. Once you have the mats you just position them how you want them. Drive on them, walk on them, spill on the, whatever. It just doesn't matter. Mats do protect, but aren't very sexy. At least not as much as a patterned red, white, and blue tiled floor. But that will have to be between you and your floor! Another thing about mats that is good is that they come in a large variety of sizes. If you just want a runner in front of your workbench, no problem. If you want something for just under your vehicle, no problem. If you want to cover the whole space, this is also possible.

No matter what garage flooring option appeals to you, it is sure to be better than the boring blah-blah concrete you have now. So go for it!

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