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Garage Storage Articles

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What are the Benefits of Garage Flooring?
As people upgrade their homes or complete home projects, they are always looking for something else to improve. The latest trend is to spruce up their garage. The garage is slowly becoming more than just a place to store boxes and tools, or toss your recycling until your next trip to the recycling center. It is becoming a central place for activities. I think some of this has to do with the fact that a lot of new homes look roomy from the outside, but are not. They have small rooms, little storage and restrictive floor space. Enough for basic living, but not room for extra activities. People are looking for space for do-it-yourself projects, wood working, play space for the kids, a work out area or just some space for a bit of piece and quiet. So you don’t want it to just look like a garage with a concrete floor that has been framed in. Many people, and often new homes built today, do take the first step of putting up dry wall. This makes a big difference in the look of the garage, but the concrete floor still gives it a cold feeling. But you don’t have to settle for a cold concrete floor, there are other options in the form of easy-to-install garage flooring. - read entire article -

Garage Flooring - Not Just Fuddy-Duddy Ho-Hum Anymore
What could be more exciting than garage flooring? I mean, is there anything else? The plethora of color and texture options just takes the breath away. Not! Okay, seriously though, I’m pretty sure that garage flooring isn’t really even meant to be exciting. It’s meant to be more in the functional category. I know most people think of the garage floor as the drab gray concrete that it usually is, but I’m here to tinker with that perception. - read entire article -

Let Garage Organizers Keep at Least One Room in your House Organized!
Let’s face it, if you have kids, you have a lot of STUFF! I have four kids, and they are all active in various activities and like to do different things. The variety of their outdoor toys include: - read entire article -

Even Garage Cabinets come in a Variety of Finishes!
I have been shopping around for some garage cabinets to help me organize my shop, and I was really impressed with the large variety of cabinets available and especially the variety of materials and finishes. I had just thought metal or pressed board, but that does not do garage cabinets justice! Though plain metal cabinets that look like you high school locker are available, there are a lot of metal options with better finishes. - read entire article -

Garage Flooring: Laying Out Your Options
Nowadays, garages are being treated with new found respect. Instead of a place to store piles of their old junk and not the car, people are creating workshops, game rooms, or tidy car (!) and stuff storage. Garages are the new kitchen. Remember when remodeling your kitchen was the hot trend for homeowners? Well now transforming your precarious heap of stuff into a clean, orderly and functional space just makes more sense. - read entire article -

Looking for Garage Storage Options?
One of the most innovative companies when it comes to garage storage is Gladiator Garage Works. They offer complete garage organization systems and products. From storage cabinets to work benches, to wall hooks and ceiling storage to garage flooring and appliances. Everything you could possibly need to not only get your garage organized, but also looking top notch. - read entire article -

Three Requirements when Choosing Garage Organizers
In today's world, you hear a lot about getting organized, it is the "in" thing to make life easier. We organize our closets, our shelves, our drawers, our laundry rooms, our desks and our calendar all in hopes of straightening out our lives. There are even garage organizers to fix our outdoor, where do I put it type stuff. As technology has improved, life has become more hectic and we often feel out of control as we try to juggle so many things. So anything we can organize gives us a sense of control and accomplishment. - read entire article -

The Feng Shui Garage Organizer
You probably looked at the title and thought to yourself, "what does a garage organizer and feng shui have to do with each other?" Believe it or not, there is actually quite a nice fit between the two. A person acting as the organizer of a useful space must first recognize that feng shui has a complex and complicated cultural history going back thousands of years, and that sometimes the new age aspect of feng shui is just going to have to be good enough for their purpose. - read entire article -

Garage Storage Solutions Take Away Your Excuses
Garage storage solutions have to start with a question that only you can answer: What is my storage problem in the garage? Once you have that question answered accurately you can then move on to a consideration of alternate solutions. If you seek a solution before you really know the problem or need, then you may end up spending money on a "solution" that really just becomes part of an ever growing problem. It wouldn't make any sense, for example, to purchase a kayak rack to hang on the wall of your garage, if you don't own a kayak. - read entire article -

Garage Floors Can Now be Protected, Made Beautiful and Functional
Garage floors are perfect candidates for parking your cars, trucks, and SUVs on. They allow a relatively hard and flat surface for doing projects on. They can take a certain reasonable amount of use and abuse over the years without having to replace it, and they are pretty easy to clean and maintain when there is a mishap. However, garage floors can also become stained, dirty, and even damaged. Of course, these situations can be remedied, but there are also things you can do as a homeowner to seal, protect or even cover the concrete to give it as long a life as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the options available to best care for and protect our garage floors. - read entire article -

Shelves Offer Perfect Garage Storage Solutions
In most homes today, unless you have a storage unit or shed, the most common place to store all of our extra items is in the garage. There are many garage storage solutions available today beyond home built shelves using scrap 2x4s and plywood (though these have worked very well for many people in past). One great thing about shelves is that they take advantage of the vertical space in your garage, freeing up much of the floor space for other uses. - read entire article -

Are You a Garage Organizer?
Are you a garage organizer? I mean are you the type of person who likes to live in a house where things have a specific place to live? Sports equipment on racks, fishing gear stored away properly so it doesn't get ruined, holiday items and boxes neatly stacked on shelves, bikes hung up out of the way? If so then you are likely a garage organizer. You like order. You like systems. And you don't like clutter and mystery piles. I don't either! In fact, I learned the hard way over way too many years just how frustrating and annoying a disorganized garage can be. - read entire article -

5 Things You Must Do Before Buying Your Garage Organizers
Have you been living with a messy garage and finally decided to get some garage organizers to help get your life in order? Perhaps with autumn in the air, you realize that it is time to do something if you hope to use your garage for winter. Or, perhaps you are tired of hearing your spouse complain about the disorganization that she considers your domain. Well, regardless of the reason, if you are considering purchasing some garage organizers to set you garage in order, here are five things to do before making your purchase. - read entire article -

3 Garage Storage Ideas to Bring Peace of Mind
Garage storage is no laughing matter. There is nothing humorous about tripping all over those soccer balls and snow skis. There's nothing to chuckle about when every time you go out into the garage to find something you can't. And a cluttered and messy garage is a sure sign of even bigger problems, like maybe not being able to organize or take responsibility for the way things are kept in your life in general. But I'm not here to chastise you if this hits a little close to home. I am, however, here to suggest some ways to get your garage, and the things in it, under control... - read entire article -

Garage Flooring Can be Clean and Exciting
Reading about garage flooring was probably not at the top of your list of things to read about today. I don't know why. It's a subject that men have philosophized about, nations have gone to war over, and future generations will no doubt debate for centuries to come. Seriously though, while garage flooring may be the penultimate topic for some, for most it is something that just escapes their radar completely... - read entire article -

Modern Garage Storage Solutions Replace Grandpa's Quick Fixes
Garage storage solutions obviously range from no solution at all, where everything is just a big jumbled mess, all the way up to where everything is perfectly organized in little shelves, boxes, cabinets, etc. For most of us, we just need to find a workable solution to our garage storage problems that is somewhere in the middle. - read entire article -

Garage Flooring Does Not Have to be Boring Any More
Okay, I admit it, garage flooring probably isn't the most exciting topic in all the world. I can certainly think of lots of other things that would get the blood flowing a little easier. But in all fairness to those who make and sell garage flooring I have to say, I am impressed with the variety and options available. I just wanted to take a few minutes to share some of what I have found. I think this information may be quite helpful to garage owners looking to spruce up and protect their garage floors. - read entire article -

Garage Storage is Achievable in the New Year
The New Year is here, and it is time to set some New Year's resolutions. There are the obvious ones that most people address: a healthier lifestyle, increased knowledge in a specific area, improve upon a latent talent, and become more organized. Now, these are just generalities, each can be broken down into hundreds of specific goals to suit each individual. But we are only going to take a look at one tiny area in the "become more organized" category... - read entire article -

Norsk Garage Flooring Will Not Disappoint
The New Year is here, and it is time to set some New Year's resolutions. There are the obvious ones that most people address: a healthier lifestyle, increased knowledge in a specific area, improve upon a latent talent, and become more organized. Now, these are just generalities, each can be broken down into hundreds of specific goals to suit each individual. But we are only going to take a look at one tiny area in the "become more organized" category... - read entire article -

Storage Bins Make Great Garage Organizers
There are a lot of companies that make garage organizers, but one company that recently came to my attention, because some of their products are bit more unique than others, is Quantum Storage Systems. There are three primary areas that this company specializes in: steel shelving, wire shelving, and bins and bin systems. Lets take a quick look at the company and then each of their primary product areas. - read entire article -

The Right Garage Flooring Can Help Make Your Garage a Part of Your Home
As every home owner with a garage knows, the garage can be a place of both wonder and mystery. It is a place most people either hate or love. I suppose this is understandable. For those who have taken care of their garage and have implemented some garage storage solutions like shelving, cabinets, hooks, etc., it is a place they love. They know where things are. They can function and think clearly in their garage. - read entire article -

The Logic of a Tool Cabinet
Okay, let's face it, people who have tools tend to want lots more. They also want a big beautiful tool cabinet to put them in. We could ask why they want more, but I think we all know the answer to that already. Any self-respecting tool gatherer surely has an instinctive understanding of the underlying reason why more is better. But let me break it down here for the uninitiated. - read entire article -

Sprucing up Your Garage Floor
A garage floor is a pretty exciting topic. It often comes up at dinner parties and family get togethers. It is common to spend hours discussing the nuances of garage flooring with your office workers and church associates. It really gets the creative juices flowing and there is nothing like it for stimulating a sense of health and well being. - read entire article -

Top 4 Reasons for Garage Floors
In most garages the floors are a concrete slab, which works great, but there are better options available. Some alternative options in garage flooring include interlocking mats, large roll on mats, and roll on epoxy and stone floor finishes. But why would you want one of these other types of garage floors? Here are four reasons why you may want to consider new garage flooring. - read entire article -

Garage Storage: How to Tackle the Mess
The garage is often a home's mystery room. People don't quite know what to do with it; what should we put in it? Our cars? All of our leftover stuff? Our canned food? And what about everything that just seems to accumulate in there, although no one ever claims it? My family's garage used to be a veritable labyrinth- you could go in looking for a can of peas and come out with a basketball and a pair of shoes. It's exciting, yes, when even a visit to your garage turns into an adventure, but not the most efficient organizational system. - read entire article -

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