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Three Requirements when Choosing Garage Organizers

In today's world, you hear a lot about getting organized, it is the "in" thing to make life easier. We organize our closets, our shelves, our drawers, our laundry rooms, our desks and our calendar all in hopes of straightening out our lives. There are even garage organizers to fix our outdoor, where do I put it type stuff. As technology has improved, life has become more hectic and we often feel out of control as we try to juggle so many things. So anything we can organize gives us a sense of control and accomplishment.

So, say you have every thing else organized in your life, you have probably left the garage for last. It is a bit intimidating because probably while you were organizing the house anything you didn't know where to put, was put in the garage. Plus you have your seasonal items out there (from summer camping to winter skiing), gardening supplies and any handyman tools are all stored in your garage. But spring is finally here, so it is the perfect time to tackle getting your garage in order.

Organizing your garage is going to be a big enough project, so when looking for what type of storage system you should use, there are three things to look for:

  1. Easy - the items in your garage organizers should be easy to access, easy to find and be organized in a systematic fashion that is easy to understand. This includes using all of your available space, not just your floor space but also your wall space, and sometimes your ceiling space. Keeping many of your items off the floor also keeps them safe and dry.
  2. Versatile - this means that the garage organizers that you choose should be able to be adapted for many different functions or activities. Your storage options should be flexible and adaptable to the many different things that you need to organize.
  3. Modular and Expandable - a modular system is made up of different modules as the basis of design. These various modules should allow your garage organizing system to expand as your storage needs or pocketbook allows.

There are a couple of different storage systems that fit all of these criteria, two of these being Flow Wall and Gladiator Garage Works. These types of garage organizers have panels (slats) that are attached to your garage walls, available in different size configurations. Onto these panels you can easily hang a variety of hooks, shelves, baskets, small cabinets and workstations.

The panels themselves are designed to be both easy to install and easy to use. All of the many accessories mentioned above easily hang on the walls. And, the various storage accessories make these garage organizers very versatile. The different hooks vary is size and configuration to hang things from bikes and skis to heavy duty hooks for ladders and wheel barrows. Along with the different length shelves and various types of baskets a cabinets, these systems are very versatile and can be adapted to anyone's different needs.

When necessary, you can easily add more panels for additional storage space, or rearrange the hooks, shelves etc. into different configurations for different storage needs. These two options make these types of garage organizers both modular and expandable.

So, when you finally get the courage to organize your garage, remember ease, versatility and modular expandability, and if you match all of these criteria in your system, you will be happy with the garage organizers that you choose for your garage.

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